Microsoft Teams integration under EU investigation after Slack complaint

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  • Microsoft’s Teams App being included with Office has prompted Slack to register a complaint.
  • EU authorities are now examining the complaint to see whether the alleged conduct gives Microsoft an unfair advantage in the market.
  • Microsoft has been making updates to the Teams App in order to improve its usefulness.


To keep you up to date on what’s been going on, Slack just filed a complaint against Microsoft’s Teams App for its Office interoperability. According to Slack, the move was unlawful and well-planned to put their competitors’ goods at a disadvantage.

Along with Zoom, Slack is a competitor of Microsoft Teams. Microsoft gains an unfair advantage as a result of the change, and Slack has asked Eu to look into it.

Investigations are currently ongoing.

Microsoft has been working hard to incorporate Teams into users’ life in order to make it as smooth as possible. Since the Covid-19 epidemic, remote work has become the norm, necessitating the creation of more collaborative and engaging meetings. Microsoft Teams now has a new Word cloud function that allows for polling.

According to the accusations, Microsoft is taking advantage of its market dominance to establish deep roots in PCs and people’ lifestyles. As a result, other businesses are denied a fair chance.

Slack stated in the complaint that the Teams App is pre-loaded, but the others must be installed. Microsoft also failed to disclose any crucial information that would enable competitors to operate with Office. They had been totally forgotten about.

Evidence that is required

The EU Commission has questioned the competitors whether the bundled goods enable businesses to get access to data that may help them achieve a competitive advantage. The commission is also looking at whether or not there are any obstacles to market entrance or growth.

Rivals must also provide a list of consumers who have switched providers, as well as any income losses. The goal is to determine how the integration will affect their goods and investments.

If the responses on Twitter are any indication, Slack may be on the receiving end.

This is absurd; the Teams software included in Windows 11 is designed for consumers and not for business use. Where can I find Slack’s consumer product for enabling family and friends to chat?

October 8, 2021 — Andrew Baker (@andrewbaker05)

It is unclear what will happen once the inquiry is completed. The judgment and repercussions will have to wait and see whether Microsoft is deemed to be engaging in unfair competition.

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