How to Get Apple Music Premium Free for Lifetime iOS/iPhone?

Apple Music is the most popular music streaming service in the world. Apple Music Premium offers unlimited, ad-free and on demand access to over 40 million songs for a monthly price of $9.99 per month. If you want it free, we have one simple trick that can help yo

The “free apple music redeem code 2021” is a method that allows users to get Apple Music for free. The only downside to this method, is that it’s not permanent.

If you want to get Apple Music Premium for free, keep reading to find out more. On your iOS/iPhone, here’s how to get Apple Music Premium for free for life.

Hello! Every, How are you all doing today? I hope you’re all doing well. Today we’ve got an unusual notion for music fans, individuals who want to listen to limitless songs, playlists, and audiobooks from Apple Music for free for the rest of their lives; for such people, this post is the finest resource.

In this post, we’ll go over the basics of Apple Music and its benefits, as well as briefly describe how to acquire Apple Music Premium Free for Lifetime iOS. The techniques are easy and straightforward, and you can immediately receive the free membership to enjoy Apple Music’s infinite music.

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Regarding Apple Music:

Apple Music is one of Apple’s most revolutionary releases; it is designed to provide Apple users with an unlimited music experience. Many people use Apple Music, including musicians, songwriters, producers, and fans; it features 90 million songs, curated playlists, the best artist interviews, conversations, and global premieres.

It has excellent features such as Autoplay, time-sync lyrics, lossless audio, and immersive sound by Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos, and it is available in 165 countries and regions on a variety of devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple TV, HomePod mini, CarPlay, and online music at, as well as popular smart speakers, smart TVs, and Android and Windows. It is a completely ad-free environment and completely safe and

Apple Music Premium has the following features:

Many consumers choose Apple Music because of its exceptional features and performance; Apple Music’s features are unique and not present in other streaming apps.

The following are some of Apple Music Premium’s most intriguing features:

  1. The customer has limitless on-demand access to Apple Music music.
  2. Mood-based and user-created playlists are available.
  3. It allows users to listen to songs when they are offline.
  4. This will precisely match the iTunes catalog, and the songs will be added to the iCloud Music Library.
  5. It syncs all Apple Music-compatible devices’ music and playlists.
  6. Provides algorithmic playlists that are completely customised.
  7. Other radio stations are also available.
  8. At a modest price, it provides spatial audio with Dolby Atmos.
  9. It also provides Lossless audio at a reasonable price on supported devices.
  10. Beats 1 is a popular radio station in the United States.
  11. This provides a great playlist with a variety of playlists, including slow tracks, PoP music, and 90’s originals.
  12. Any playlist may be searched, saved, or downloaded by the user.
  13. It has complex and speedy shortcut features, which the user may use as much as they want. You can also customize the amount of shortcut features and assign them to numerous tasks.

Methods to Get Apple Music Premium for Free for the Rest of Your Life in 2022

There are a few ways to receive Apple Music Premium for free for the rest of your life in 2021.

  1. For a limited time, Apple Music is available for free for three months (Free Trial).
  2. Method for a Limitless Trial
  3. With iTunes, you can get a free trial of Apple Music.
  4. Apple Music may be downloaded using music converters.

Method #1: Get three or four months of Apple Music for free (Free Trial)

Most rivals give a free trial period to their subscribers, and Apple Music does as well, allowing users to try out all of the premium services for free during the trial time.

Apple Music provides a three- or four-month free trial period and does not charge for a continuous three-month trial period, so you can save $30. To enjoy the free trial, users must carefully follow the instructions outlined below.

  • The user must first update the Apple Music app on his or her device.
  • Then open the Apple Music application.

Tap-on-Try-It-Free-buttonSelect the “Try It Free” option.

  • After that, you must log in using your Apple ID.
  • Fill in all of the relevant billing addresses and payment information after that.
  • Finally, your trial period has been activated successfully.
  • Start utilizing all of the premium features right now and have fun.


The user must keep in mind one thing: you must cancel your membership at least one day before the end of the trial period; else, you will be charged $9.99 a month.

Method 2: Get an Unlimited Trial

After a three or four-month trial period, the services will end or you will have to pay for the membership. If you want another three-month trial period and an unlimited trial term on Apple Music, you simply follow some easy procedures.

To begin, the user must remove all Apple Music data and then establish a new Apple ID with the relevant information. Repeat method 1’s steps, i.e., update Apple Music, open the app, and click Get Free Trial, then log in with your Apple ID and enter all of the required billing addresses and payment information, and the trial period will be activated, allowing you to get Apple Music for free indefinitely using the free trial method.

Method #3: Use iTunes to get a free trial of Apple Music.

To get a free trial of Apple Music’s high-quality material, users must sign up for a free membership using the Apple Music app for iPhone, iPad Pro, or iPad Touch. You can also use iTunes with Windows or a Music app for Mac.

We’re utilizing iTunes to acquire a free trial of Apple Music.

  • To begin, launch iTunes.
  • Then choose the Music category from the dropdown menu at the top.

Select-Music-CategoryChoose a musical genre.

  • Now go to the For You tab menu, and you’ll see a list of free trial offerings. Simply touch on one of them.

Select-For-You-tab Choose the tab For You.

  • Then choose from Individual, Family, and College Student subscriptions.

Select-the-Subscription-TypeChoose a Subscription Type

  • The user must then log in using their Apple ID and password.
  • Fill out the payment details and begin your 3-month free trial of Apple Music.

Method #4: Using music converters to get Apple Music

Apple Music may also be obtained via the use of Music Converters, which are useful for converting all music and audiobooks accessible on Apple Music.

There are many third-party Apple Music converters on the market, so the user can use any music converter they want. Here, we’re using the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter to convert and download the required Apple M4P music, playlists, and albums to various formats like M4A, MP3, M4R, AU, AC3, MKA, and FLAC in order to improve the music listening experience.

Most Apple Music files are DRM-protected, preventing users from listening to the music on other devices. With the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter, you can simply remove the DRM protection from chosen Apple tracks, allowing you to listen to them anywhere you want.

The following is a list of files that Dumpmedia Apple Music Converter can convert.

  • Songs on Apple Music
  • M4B audiobooks are audiobooks in the M4B format.
  • Songs you bought on iTunes as M4P
  • Audiobooks from Audible (AA/AAX)

DumpMedia Apple Music Converter has the following features:

DumpMedia Apple Music Converter has a number of notable features.

  • It provides a 16x conversion speed.
  • Converts a large number of Apple Music music and audiobooks from iTunes flawlessly.
  • You may listen to your favorite Apple Music tracks on any device without an online connection.
  • You may simply save the ID tags from the original music.
  • You may also make changes to the output files if you like.

With DumpMedia Apple Music Converter, you can get Apple Music for free for life on your iOS device.

Using DumpMedia Apple Music Converter, follow the instructions below to acquire Apple Music for iOS for free for life.

  • First, the user must get the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter and install it.
  • Then launch the application.
  • Select and import the files that you wish to convert.
  • After that, choose an output format and a target location.
  • Begin the conversion procedure at this point.

What Are the Most Commonly Asked Questions?

  • Question 1: Is it safe to use Apple Music?

Answer: It is absolutely safe and secure to use; there are no security problems, and the user’s information is not shared with third-party websites.

  • 2) Is Apple Music superior than Spotify in terms of quality?

Answer: Both are fantastic for music, and if a user like iOS, they will appreciate Apple Music, which offers 60 million songs and limitless music compared to Spotify.

  • Question 3) What are Apple Music’s alternatives?

Alternatives to Apple Music include as follows:

  1. Spotify is a music streaming service.
  2. Pandora.
  3. Shazam.
  4. Amazon Music is a music streaming service.
  5. SoundCloud.
  6. TIDAL.
  7. Slacker Radio is a music streaming service.
  8. Napster
  • 4) Is Apple Music the same as iTunes or is it different?

Yes, both are the same; Apple Music is the iTunes alternative.

  • Question 5) What happens if we terminate our Apple Music membership and lose any music?

When a customer cancels their Apple Music membership, they risk losing their Apple Music data.


This post clearly describes the essential facts about Apple Music and its features, as well as quickly describing how to acquire Apple Music Premium for Lifetime iOS for free.

For those who wish to enjoy Apple music for free for the rest of their lives on iOS, this post is the ideal resource; the procedures are basic and straightforward.

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