Classification of Computers

Computers have been around for a long time, but the way they are classified has changed many times. What is the difference between a computer and a laptop? How do you classify a smartphone?

The classification of computers pdf is a document that describes the different types of computer. It is a very helpful document for people who are interested in learning about computers.

Computers are classified into three different types.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 4 classification of computer?

The 4 classification of computer are as follows: 1. Microprocessor 2. Central Processing Unit (CPU) 3. Random Access Memory (RAM) 4. Secondary Storage Device

What is Computer classification of computer?

A computer classification is a grouping of similar computers based on their function. These classifications are generally used by businesses to describe the features and abilities of each type, as well as which brands they should purchase from.

What are the 6 Classification of Computer?

A computer is a machine that performs calculations, logic and data processing. A computer can be used for many purposes, such as playing games, editing video, or managing information.

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