AI Applications In Mainstream Sports

Sport is always one of the quickest sectors to embrace new and emerging forms of technology, and that has been evidently clear with the way in which artificial intelligence has been used within many mainstream sports since its emergence in recent years.

It is now regarded as a way to get ahead of the crowd within team sports, while many others are using the form of technology to enhance safety measures. But, what are some of the mainstream sports that are now using AI regularly?


AI has already had a huge impact on the world of soccer, with many clubs using the form of technology to make big decisions that could impact the future of the team. Never before has there been so much emphasis on data analytics, and AI makes it easier for teams in the world of soccer to get all the relevant information that they require quickly.

This includes scouting of opposing teams, and also assessing potential new signings. Assessing these factors enable the club to make huge decisions more effectively, and the results have been huge on the field for those that use the tech regularly.

Liverpool have been one of the teams on the front foot in terms of AI, with recent reports claiming that the English giants have been using the technology to improve their goal scoring outlet from corner kicks. A new application called TacticAI has helped the club come up with new ideas for corner routines after analyzing over 7,000 corners in the competition since 2020.

This has already had a big impact on their performances from set pieces, with Liverpool ranking among the best from corners in the 2023-24 season.

Horse Racing

Horse racing has regularly adopted forms of technology in order to enhance the product that fans are able to enjoy. Various forms of tech are regularly used across the world to enhance the safety of the runners involved, which has led to record lows in terms of fatalities on track.


However, AI is the latest form of tech that has been adopted by the sport, with the application able to assess the potential results based on the past performances of the runners involving, while also taking into account potential ground conditions, pedigrees, and trainer/jockey form.

With the wide range of data available within the sport, this has made AI to be an immediate success among trainers and punters alike, especially if you are looking into the best horse racing free selections by

For the latter, it helps gain potential returns from selections without having to do the hard graft of research alone. It is also vital information for trainers and owners, as it could potentially indicate an issue with running their horse, whether it be down to lack of recovery time or ground conditions. Both of these factors would have a direct impact on horse welfare, making the sport even safer in the long term.


American sports were quicker than their European counterparts when it came to embracing the use of AI technology. Among the first sports to embrace the technology was basketball, with the tech playing a vital role in the recovery of players.

AI algorithms will be able to quickly tell coaches which players are struggling for fitness, and which players are healthy to play. This technology is vitally important within a sport such as basketball, as the games throughout the season come thick and fast. Therefore, it is essential for teams to embrace, as it has a direct impact on preventing injuries throughout the season.


As well as showing player fatigue, the data available will also take into account the injury histories of specific players, and also identify potential performance risks should a coach play their stars when they are near their edge of burn out. The NBA also uses AI in a similar way to soccer, as teams within the competition use tools to scout players and assess whether they will be a good fit for the team moving forward.

American Football

Another North American sport that was very quick to adopt AI technology was American Football. Like basketball, the form of technology was used to track the fitness of players, with data taken from a smart wearable during training and matches able to show how close players are to their peak level of performance.

Wearing these AI fitness trackers is also vitally important when it comes to reducing the risk of a potential injury by overexertion. The NFL also uses AI to assess potential opponents, taking into account the data of key factors from matches such as yards traveled and identifying potential routes of weakness for the rival teams.

This enhances the chances of a team of claiming victory, as coaches are able to adopt new tactics that can be perfectly tailored for one rival. It is also a key form of technology when it comes to preventing losing points, as a new set up may be required against a certain opponent.